Dear Tammy,
I want to take this time to thank you  for taking such great care of us here at Great Scott Broadcasting. I realize that you have been doing this since the late 90’s but we never get the chance to say thanks for a fantastic job! You make it a lot nicer to work here with the great service and friendly people that you have working for you. The offices and buildings are always clean and fresh and we really appreciate you going above and beyond to take care of us always working around our schedules and staff.  Thanks again for a fantastic job!
JoAnn Fitzhugh Business Manager Great Scott Broadcasting

Tammy, I can't thank you enough for the thorough cleaning of my home today. It is so sparkling it makes me want to throw a party to show it off! Everything is like new! Thanks again!
Lee Revis-Plank
We won a cleaning through a Buddy Walk fundraiser and just cashed it in today! Tammy and her crew did a fabulous job deep cleaning our bathrooms and floors. It was a great help with a little one crawling around! Looking forward to future cleanings!
Katie Davis

Mark and Tammy and crew just completed a 'spring clean' on my house, I could not be any happier, it looks fabulous!!! I'm looking forward to my biweekly service, I can't say enough good things, and would highly recommend them.
 Vicky Thompson

Great service. People were excellent and trustworthy. I allow very few alone in my home or business. One word. Trustworthy.
   William Toadvine

Wow! My house is sparkling! Tammy and crew did a wonderful job. Very pleased and they are also very accommodating with my schedule. 
Ilene Kaplan

Loved coming home to a clean house! Excellent job thank you!!
Heidi Willey McDowell

I feel like a queen when I come home after a long day and my villa is nice and clean thanks to Tammy and the gang! M&T Cleaning Service is awesome and trust worthy. Janis Markopoulos

We are very happy with Tammy and M&T Cleaning! They take great care of our home, and are sweet to our dog, Jaxx. I highly recommend this cleaning service!
Michelle Hetherington 

Tammy and her crew do a wonderful job! She's been cleaning our home for almost 2 years now and it keeps getting better! There is NOTHING better than walking in to a clean home! I highly recommend Tammy to all of my real estate clients, family, and friends!
  Jaime Hurlock 

Just got home to my nice sparkly clean house, thanks to Tammy and crew.  Tammy and Mark are great people first, but also the best cleaning service around. They really take good care of their clients. I truly love them. Happy to refer them anytime.
Rochelle Cohen